Chef’s BBQ course 2017

You and your guests are warmly welcome to enjoy and learn how to barbeque like a pro! Our head chef will guide you to the secrets of cooking chicken, pork and veggies and you also get pointers to pairing wines and barbeque-food.

Great active way to enjoy your night with your customers, colleagues,
friends or a bachelor/bachelorette party!

Course takes about three hours.

The Menu

Pork tenderloin
Pork ribs
Chicken breast
Raw sausages
For a side dish
BBQ sauce
Lemony chili sauce
Almond pesto
Oven potatoes
Stuffed bell peppers
Green salad and organic bread
As a dessert
Sortola’s ice cream and orange granite
Coffee and tee

Price of the menu and course
89 € / guest (incl. VAT 14%)
Minimum order 10 guests.

Course is either at Ravintola Rauhala’s patio or at next door Tuba Food and Lounges patio.
The package includes with meals water and juice. Other drinks added to the invoice according to consumption.

Reservations in advance from the sales department or 0400 818 994
Mon-Fri klo: 10.00-16.00

Ravintola Rauhala, Mannenkatu 4, 90130 Oulu
0400-818 994

Tuba Food & Lounge, Mannenkatu 2, 90130 Oulu