Smoked salmon soup & roasted malt bread
Braised lamb shank
Spinach-potato puree
Roasted parsnip
Sortola vanilla ice cream, dark mocha-chocolate sauce & raspberries
Coffee and tee 
42€ / guest

MENU, oulunsalo

Truffle-cauliflower soup & cucumber
Pork noisettes
Roasted celery root
Kale stir fry 
Carrot puree
Brown butter 
Yoghurt-raspberry parfait & granola
Coffee and tee 
39€ / guest


Salad of cold smoked salmon, smoked egg & pickled lemon
Beef Wellington 
Butter braised brussels sprouts
Parsnip puree
Port wine reduction
Country potatoes
Mocha pot de crème & vanilla foam
Coffee and tee 
46€ / guest


Clam-saffran soup
Salmon confit
Roasted broccoli & carrots
Fresh peas
Pickled fennel
White wine sauce
Fresh seasonal beries & sparkling wine-sabayon
Coffee and tee 

 44 € / guest


Reindeer carpaccio, arugula, fingerling potato chips, horseradish cream and crispy fried capers
Roast deer
Roasted parsnip & mushrooms
Braised onions
Chocolaty red wine reduction
Country fingerling potatoes
Pan fired leipäjuusto (traditional Finnish fresh cheese), vanilla ice cream & marinated strawberries
Coffee and tee 
52 € / guest

MENU, paris

Funnel chantarelle soup, parsnip chips & roasted malt bread
Coeur du filet a’la Rauhala
Red wine reduction
Skåne potatoes with bacon
Butter braised fennel & beans
Semi dried cherry tomatoes 
Main course is served traditionally as platter style
Cognac-choclate cake & raspberries
Coffee and tee 
50€ / guest

Special dietary needs are taken into account based on the information provided in advance.
Water and juice are included in the price of dinner. Refreshments and alcohol beverages are billed separately according to consumption.

Almost all the foods are automatically lactose free.