Rauhala’s Christmas buffet is served between 7.-22.12.2017 as a lunch and dinner menu


Velvety ginger –sweet potato soup & roasted seeds L, G
Baltic herring M, G & dill potatoes L, G
Gravlax M, G & dill sour cream M, G
Devils’ shrimp salad M, G
Mediterranean charcuterie & marinated olives M, G
Country pâté & red onion compote L
Beet root pâté & tarragon sour cream L, G
Grilled bell pepper & artichokes M, G
Feta-butternut squash salad L, G
Italian salad á la Rauhala M, G
Traditional mushroom salad L, G
Beetroot-carrot-potato salad and beetroot cream L, G
Red cabbage salad with nuts and dates M, G
Green shoot-tomato salad and herb dressing M, G
Selection of Christmas bread and spreads
* * * 
For main course
Rauhala’s traditional Christmas ham carved in the dining hall to order M, G
Madeira sauce M, G
Pureed rutabaga casserole L, G
Pureed carrot casserole L, G
Roasted potatoes M, G
Jallu-mustard L, G (Finnish brandy)
Roasted zucchini with nuts, bell pepper sauce and mozzarella VL, G
* * *
For dessert
Star anise spiced soup M, G and vanilla cream G, L
Cheeses & and jams VL/L, G
Chocolate cake VL (also available for G)
Christmas parties, gingerbreads, cinnamon biscuits L (also available for G)
Coffee and tee
37€ / guest
For kids under 12 years 1€/year of age
We recommend to reserve the table in advance